TAG Commercial Benefits

Labor Savings

The TAG System has tools that help reduce labor costs in managing your vehicle fleet. With the TAG, staff can produce the detailed reports on fleet activity with a click of the mouse rather than filling out cumbersome paperwork daily, weekly, or monthly. Routes can be analyzed for travel efficiency and training purposes. If you bill your customers on a "time and mileage" basis you can provide accurate arrival, departure and travel times for accurate billing.

Easy Access

The TAG system is web based so you and your team have access from anywhere, anytime you need it, from any web browser on the status of the fleet. TAG can also be accessed from your mobile device such as a Smartphone or Tablet, and since the TAG is web based your software is always up to date.

Increased Security

The TAG System's Digital Security Guard tools provide 24/7/365 peace of mind. Use the lockdown feature to secure your vehicles after hours; In the event there is unauthorized removal you can locate the vehicle using Street Maps even if it's in another state, and with the TAG System installed, employees are much less likely to use company vehicles for personal use.

Fuel Costs

Running your vehicles more efficiently saves fuel. The TAG System gives you the information you need to analyze and improve routing and monitor idle times. TAG's detailed reporting can help you measure the impact of new programs and help train staff in best fuel saving practices.

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