TAG Golf Benefits

Pace of Play tool set 

The TAG Control unit is the industry leader in back-end Fleet Management. It takes the guesswork out of Pace of Play management by putting the critical information you need at your fingertips. You will have hole by hole activity data in real time, the ability to alert staff to problem areas and have detailed history to analyze the impact of programs. It's the most powerful Pace of Play back end solution in the business. If you add one of the two available display options to the TAG Control unit you will have additional front-end capabilities to keep your customers informed. You'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Smart Battery that doesn't drain power from your cart battery

DSG TAG is the only Fleet Management Company in the industry to address the issue of power consumption with the "Smart Battery". The Smart Battery only charges itself when the vehicle is being charged conserving battery life. When not in charge mode (or engine running in gas vehicles) the Smart Battery runs on its own internal power source. As an added measure of protection the TAG will tell you how much actual battery life your vehicle has so you are never sending out an under-charged cart.

Generate advertising revenue and market your additional services

The TAG with the TOUCH display option gives you a powerful marketing tool that can also generate advertising revenue. The TOUCH has three main advertising locations, and specialty locations such as the welcome screen, scorecard and food & beverage menus that are desirable for businesses to promote themselves to your customers. Incredibly flexible, new ads can be uploaded and instantly displayed on the system. Imagine how much easier it will be to accommodate tournament sponsors for events. Touch system advertisements can be packaged with rounds of golf to give you a very compelling marketing offer to local businesses that drives volume and revenue.

These same marketing capabilities can be utilized to promote your internal facilities and services. Drive additional pro shop and food & beverage revenues or promote upcoming events at your facility. The TOUCH is like having your very own marketing person ride along with your customers for the entire round.

Modular System means you pick the features you want

You may be surprised at just how affordable industry leading Fleet Management can be. Since the TAG System is modular you decide the hardware and features that best fits your operation and your budget. Just want the powerful back end features? The TAG operates as a stand-alone system. Want to offer display options to your customers? You can choose from two display options. Want to manage some of your Turf equipment as well? You can choose exactly which pieces of equipment to add to your system. No other system gives you the flexibility of the TAG to build within your budget. We will also build flexible financing options such as seasonal billing to protect your cash flow.

Mobile Access from anywhere

Since the TAG System is web based you have access from any internet enabled computer. TAG also has a mobile site that you can access from your Smartphone or Tablet.

Labor Savings

TAG can help you decrease your labor costs by removing some of those labor intensive activities such as the need to rope off areas, putting up temporary signage, or trying to locate carts at the end of the day. Also with TAG's detailed usage reporting you will have your information with just a click rather than staff filling out lengthy forms.

A new level of Safety & Security

There are many security features built into the TAG System. Geo-fencing and protection zones, whereby any vehicle breaching these areas can be shut down and a notification sent to staff via text message. Zones are easy to add or remove ensuring the areas you want to keep the carts on are adhered to. Fleet lockdown, providing the operator with the ability to lock or unlock individual or the entire fleet of carts preventing unauthorized use. After hour monitoring as the TAG has an internal sensor that knows if a vehicle is being moved when it is not supposed to be, alerting the operator of any unauthorized movement. In the unfortunate event of someone successfully removing equipment from your property the TAG is still on the job. Using Street Maps you can pin point the location of your equipment. The TAG lets you see everything that is going on at once. You can see your course traffic, location of service vehicles and where your Turf equipment is located.

Smooth Tournament Operation

The TAG helps your staff run smoother, safer events; Use the staging lock/unlock capability to ensure your carts are where they should be before and after your event, and of course you will know exactly what is happening on the course at all times during the event. If you have the optional TOUCH display screen you now have a powerful marketing tool for Tournament sponsorship's & advertising, as well as convenient score keeping. Staff no longer has to drive all over the course putting up costly sponsor signage.

Food & Beverage

Increase - Customer Convenience, Average Check
Decrease - Time at the turn, Revenue discrepancies

The TAG Touch interactive F&B feature instantly improves your on course F&B program with convenient ordering for your customers and on-screen promotion to help you upsell and increase your average check. While your customers enjoy these features your operation will benefit from reduced transaction times at the turn and reduced "revenue discrepancies" from non-recording of customer orders and cash reconciliation.

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